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Danny had fever

Danny was not feeling well, he had fever.. This worried me..
My wife had taken him to see the doctor.. He said maybe danny might be having chicken pox.. We have to wait for the next two days to see whether there will be any symptoms of chicken pox.. At this very moment, his body temperature is quite high..

Its sleepless situation for my wife and i…



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mother and son

mother and son v2, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

i always salute my wife for being so energetic to raise our son danny….
no doubt, danny is closer to his mother than me.

mother and son

it seemed danny felt more comfortable with his mother….> if he wished for something usually he would ask his mother first then later with me…

what to do no tripod!

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My new watch

I went to a shopping complex. Danny needed a new tumbler and my wife wanted to buy groceries.

As everyone headed to their own sections.. My eyes glued to the glass window displaying watches.. The movements of my eyes were based on the price tags.. So they stopped at this particular watch.. Adidas.. This time adidas captured my heart.. My old watch, timberland had betrayed me many times.. It didnt show the correct time anymore…


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just me and you

just me and you, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

we went to cameron highlands.
it was not our plan but my grandma invited me to join her along with my uncles.
to be frank, CH is not my cup of tea. My previous experienced taught me well. Tanah Rata or Cameron Highlands is not suitable for me. its a cool place that i feel hard to breath normally.

Yet,i agreed. and now.. im typing under thick blankets….

tea at tanah rata / cameron highlands
enjoying the tea from high latitiud..

cameron highlands / tanahrata
my wife and danny(as usual..he was playing PSP!!

tanah rata / cameron highlands
my grandma,rest for a while

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Am i getting old?
I think i am….another 2 years i will be in the group of 40… I didnt realise time passes by swiftly, without warning i feel that i have done less than more… One of them is being a father at the early age…. Right now.. Danny is watching his favourite cartoon, the backyardigans … And it is raining heavily outside with roaring thunders… Im waiting the right time to make a move…

Yesterday… I read some news regarding a well known film maker, yasmin ahmad collapsed due to stroke.. She is 51 years old… Em… It served as a reminder to me….

Haih… The rain stopped it was time for me to continue my life..

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My wife and i faced the biggest challenge of all..
How to increase danny's appetite.. .it was hard to make him enjoyed his food.. he seemed to enjoy junkies rather than daily meals…

We did give him multivitamins with lycin hopefully it will help to boost his appetite, it worked well at the beginning but not now…. Everytime when we went to any pharmacies.. I will look through of any multivites that suit him…again.. Not for long he will refuse to eat them..

Haih… Its nearly 2 am… Im so sleepy… Maybe i should update this blog a bit early next time…


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I took danny to a playground but this time it was not at the same place… We travelled a bit further.. We went to r and r tapah… It is situated at the north and south highway..

Once reached… Danny was jumping with joy. He did remember every corners of that place..

We spent about 2 hours and most of the time was for him.. We let him played see saw,slider and not to mention.. Swing…

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