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starting my holiday and my quality time with danny…..


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At home again

After 3 days at my grandma house it is time for us to be at home.

Life will be normal again in tapah.. Same route to be taken everyday.. Danny with his friends.. life as is…

My son and i.

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as i promised


school holiday is just around the corner.
danny has 7 more days to finish his preschool.
as i promised…. im going to spend this school holiday with him…..by finishing the games,outing maybe.

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my family

kulop ludin family, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

this is my family… the first root.
from my grandfather till my mother.
my mother is on the right.

this photo was taken 46 years ago.
my grandfather had passed away. now left my grandmother..

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The more i think

Day by day danny tends to be more talkative especially to me…

It is hard to explain everything to him.. All questions need to be answered..

He will start with why and how…. Haih…. It dries up my throat!

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taman malaysia tapah, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

i brought danny to his favorite place, taman malaysia tapah.
a place where he can be sweating a lot…. running here and there….
taman malaysia tapah
but it was not for long as it was going to rain… big dark clouds were shadowing the place all over…

danny slept early…. good for him…..

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Danny in between

Danny was sitting in between his grandmother and his great grandmother… This photo was taken during our visiting to my mother’s house..

Recently danny was in fever mode… Its kind of weird… Once a month danny had fever… It puzzled me… His babysitter told me that it was common to have fever during fruit season… I can’t see the relation of that…but it happened to danny…

We had to stuff him with medicines and he consumed all those easily….

My son and i

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